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Tuesday 10/8/19

6:00am, 6:00pm
Warm Up
 5:00 cardio of choice
20 big fwd shoulder circles (10R/10L)
30 small (arms out) shoulder circles (15 fwd/15 bkwd)
20 lunge and twists
10 scorpions
10 reverse scorpions
8 inch worms

1. hang power snatch from high hang x4
2. hang power snatch from below the knee, pause, drop to squat x4
3. snatch balance x4
1 round as a group w/ PVC
2 rounds independently with light weight
9:00 clock
Power Snatch
Take 14:00 to get 8 reps. Move up gradually in weight and take good rest periods in between
Power Shrug
at 16:00, take 7:00 to get 3 sets of power shrugs in. Continue to add weight.

Tuesday 10/16/18

6:00am, 10:00am 1 on 1, 11:00am 1 on 1, 6:00pm

Max L-Sit Hold for time on
20:00 AMRAP of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 1-legged Squats
15 Pull-ups

Tuesday 10/2/18

6:00am, 6:00pm


written on white board


25 kettlebell swings

25 sit-ups

5 wall walks

1:00 rest

5 rounds for time including rest

*decrease wall walks by 1 each round. Ending with 1 wall walk for last round

*each time you have to drop kettlebell during a set of 25, 10 burpees. Complete after last round. These are included in overall time.

Monday 9/24/18

6:00am, 5:00pm 1 on 1, 6:00pm

Sumo Deadlift 3-3-3-3
Tabata These:
– hand release pushups
– pistols
– mountain climbers
– situps
1:00 bushman’s pose
1:00 rt side lying pigeon
1:00 left side lying pigeon
2:00 Childs pose w/ :20 cobra intermission within time

Saturday 9/22/18

8:30am, 10:00am Prime Time Fitness, 11:00am Level 1

Partner WOD:

18:00 EMOTM

Min 1: partner A does

6 dumbbell squats

10 alternating leg box dips

while partner B hangs from the rig

Min 2 : partner B performs movement sequence

while partner A hangs

Min 3:  partner burpees

(7 rounds)


Friday 9/21/18

6:30am, 5:30pm


bench press 5-5-5-5



50-40-30-20-10 of

double unders


*please set your profile up on Zen Planner if you have not yet and download the app so you can begin to start checking the Zen Planner App for wods.