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Challenge Updates!

Week 1 Challenge is behind us- we had nine athletes to complete the 4800m row. Great work, crew! You will have an opportunity to win something small for each week that you successfully complete. And something bigger at the end of the challenge if you have completed them all. Most importantly you will feel great about yourself!
Week 2 involves two elements:
1) to consume 90 ounces of water daily- this is based on the honor system but completion must be posted daily on the website to gain credit
2) 300 leg lifts on the Roman chair
We already have 4 athletes on the board!! Both elements should be completed by Sunday 10/19
Good luck!

Adventure Park tomorrow!

Don’t forget to get your waivers done today if you haven’t already! We are meeting at the gym at 9:00. If you live closer to the park or will need to leave before 11:30-12, you can meet us there at 9:30. We will do a short warm up wod before we climb.