So many changes have occurred for Inner Stallion Athletics in the past few months!

We changed locations March 1 from Southfield, Michigan to Ferndale! With the move came a bigger location, with higher ceilings and a new addition of family members; our Rise Athletics crew! We went from 4 coaches to 6 and from offering 3 classes a day to 7!

Then COVID came along 2 short weeks into the move, forcing us to close our doors and get creative with online daily live workouts, an equipment loan program for our members, and Zoom classes. When weeks turned into months, and we were finally given the green light to take our workouts to the parking lot, we began having daily classes. Once those filled up, we added more.

Next up: Controversial information made national news the first week in June regarding CrossFit’s Founder and CEO, Greg Glassman. This was information that ultimately led to a difficult decision to change our name from CrossFit InnerStallion after almost 6 years to InnerStallion Athletics.

So here we are, with a new name, new signage going up, and hopes of opening very soon. When we do, we intend to hit the ground running!