6:00am, 7:00am 1 on 1, 6:00pm with coach Cam, 7:00pm, (8:15pm private)


power snatch 2-2-1-1-1

WOD 1:

10 burpees

10 toes to bar

7:00 AMRAP

-rest 3:00-

WOD 2:

10 dumbbell press

10 pistols

7:00 AMRAP



each team member must complete their chosen team assignment by Saturday of each week in order to gain 1 point total for the team. (For example: 5 out of 6 completed results in zero points for that week.)

Six Stacked- 3 mile run, 60 toes to bar, 64 oz daily of water Monday- Friday

Bubblegum Posse-  5k row, 10:00 cumulative L-sit, 64 oz daily of water Monday- Friday

FNB- 2000m row, 100 weighted stationary lunges




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