6:00am, 11:00am Prime Time, 12:00pm, 6:00pm
Warm Up
 3 down/backs
with 2.5s or 5s:
10 Ts
10 Ws
10 Ys
10 Xs (take weight from opposite “pocket” area of hip to above head in overhead snatch position. Follow weight with eyes and head)
10 strict press (seated on box or floor)
1:00 bushmans
20 leg swings, 10R/10L
Push Jerk
Take 13:00 to determine a 6 rep max.. Take your weight down to 60% of your new 6 rep.
At 15:00, complete 6 push jerks EMOTM for 3:00.
19:00 clock. (1:00 buffer)
7 bent over rows (105/75)
14 knees to chest
21 target touch
16:00 AMRAP
2020 Jump Start Challenge Info News:
Congrats to Dandridge’s team for winning the Battle Rope Challenge last week!! You will each receive your prize this week.
This week’s challenge is to get your team together, coordinated- whether it is color, style, or the like- in a creative “team” action photo. Examples would be running, doing wall balls, rowing, in handstand position, etc. Something creative enough to be chosen on Sat. at 11am. We will have 13 votes. 8 will be Silver Stallions and the other 5 will be non challenge athletes.
20 weighted dead bug pass offs