Partner WOD in 3 acts…

Act 1:

6:00 AMRAP

•15 calorie row

•KB swings (53/32)

*score is # of KB swings

rest 3:00

Act 2:

6:00 AMRAP

100m farmers carry 25+ lbs

Burpee pullups

*score is # of burpee pullups

Rest 3:00

Act 3:

•50 double unders/150 singles

• weighted sit-ups (20/14#)

*score is # of weighted sit-ups

**Teams of 2 work together. Partner A starts on first movement while partner B starts doing as many reps of the second movement as possible. They switch when partner A completes his/her task, continuing to accrue as many reps as possible in 6:00.**



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