Happy Holiday!

11:00am-12:30pm open gym

warm up:

400m row

30 second bushmans hold (inactive squat, hip opener)

20 Samson lunges (stationary lunge with arms up, opening chest)

10 cobra pushups (push up with no lower body for a back stretch)

20 pvc good mornings (with chest/shoulder tall, hinge at hips to 90 degrees and hold 3-5 seconds)

30 jumping jacks

WOD 1 option:

17:00 EMOTM

10-15 reps of:

kettle bell swings

jump squats

push ups

overhead squats

Floor wipers

back squats


front squats



Choose a number of reps and stick with it throughout 2 rounds with a 1:00 rest between sets

WOD 2 option:

17:00 running clock, EMOTM of

candlestick box jumps

jump rope, any style

push press


Athlete gets 1:00 to rest, any time within 17:00 clock. Score is total candlestick box jumps + push pressĀ 


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