Tuesday 2/11/20

6:00am, 6:00pm

Warm Up
5:00 cardio of choice
20 slow half kneeling isometric hip flexor contractions (10r/10L)
10 down dog to pigeon with :05 hold
10 rollbacks to wide leg and reach up
:20-:30 wrist walkouts on all 4s (slowly walking/rotating wrists in, then back out)
10 shoulder shrug circles back/10 forward

1. First pull, pause and return
2. First, second, full shrug and return
3. muscle clean
4. hang power clean
10 reps each; 2 rounds. PVC, then weighted
6 reps of 5 second descent clean pulls, 0:00-8:00 clock
6 reps of power cleans, 8:00-21:00
@ 65-70% of 6 rep max, 5 reps EMOTM 24:00-29:00
2020 Jump Start Challenge Info News:
Tuesday Core:
40 V Ups

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