6:00am, 6:00pm, 7:00pm

Buy in:

40 down and backs


WOD 1:

right arm bent over standing row

left arm bent over row

bicep curls


push press

ring dips

each element is :45 of work followed by :15 rest for a total of 5:45

–rest 2:15–

WOD 2:

stationary fwd lunge

medball squat cleans

right leg glute bridge

left leg glute bridge

drop squats

backwards lunge

:45 of work; :15 rest between elements totaling 5:45

–rest 2:15–

WOD 3:

slow shoulder taps; stationary hips

reverse crunch

russian twists

flutter kicks

weighted sit-ups

back extensions

1:00 for each element with no rest in between for a total of 6:00

22:00 running clock


Cash out:

40 down and backs



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