6:00am, 11:00am Prime Time, 12:00pm, 6:00pm

Warm Up
high knees down/jog back
buttocks down/jog back
karaoke down/jog back
10 Ws on the wall
10 wall facing squats, arms up
10 kipping swings
10 cobra to downdogs
10 hanging shrugs
1:00 bushman’s
Front Squat
Take 13:00 to get your 6 rep max determined.
At 15:00, have your bar made out to 60% of that 6 rep max. 7 pause squats at that weight x 2:00.
Athlete’s choice* working weight
EMOTM for 14:00 perform
-1 full snatch
-1 power snatch from high hang
-1 snatch drop
-1 snatch balance*
*if time permits for 4th move